Scarlet Monastery in World of Warcraft


'Arise My Champions'

In my second piece for PC Gamer (UK), I wrote about my love of the World of Warcraft dungeon 'Scarlet Monastery', its use of Gothic and religious tropes and how it became one of the most beloved dungeon instances in Warcraft history. 

UK Print Edition of PCGamer (September 2018).

Read the article online here.

Religion and Belief in Witcher 3


'Defender of the Faith'

I was thrilled to write my first feature article for the March edition of PC Gamer (UK) on the topic of religion and belief in Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The article looked at how the game, made by Polish studio CD Project Red, contrasted strict religious orders with wild, pagan belief systems - letting the player decide who to believe. 

UK Print Edition of PCGamer (March 2018). 

Read the article online here.